Celemony Melodyne editor

Celemony has announced Melodyne editor, Celemony’s first product with DNA Direct Note Access.

Melodyne editor represents both functionally and technically the next Melodyne generation. It brings all the perfected, tried-and-tested editing functions made famous by the existing editions of Melodyne and is therefore outstandingly well suited to the editing of vocals and other monophonic instruments. With the integration of DNA, however, even the harmonies in an audio file can now be seen, accessed and shaped—note by note. Users can quite literally intervene in the chords of their recordings and change individual notes within them. This offers sensational new possibilities for the correction and refashioning of audio.

Melodyne editor will replace Melodyne plugin in the spring of 2009. It will be available for $349 USD, and as part of the Melodyne studio bundle. Naturally, Existing users of Melodyne plugin can upgrade to Melodyne editor for $129 USD, and anyone who registered Melodyne plugin after the 12th March 2008 will even receive Melodyne editor free of charge.

Visit Celemony for more information.