Celemony Software has announced an update to the Melodyne note-based audio editing software that gives you unrivaled access to all the musical details in your recordings and samples.

Version 5.2 now supports both Intel chips and the new M1 processors on Apple computers allowing Melodyne to run natively on the latest Macs and take full advantage of their power. This applies to all editions of Melodyne, whether in stand-alone mode or as a plugin (also via ARA) in almost all compatible DAWs.

A recommended update to all users, Melodyne 5.2 contains numerous improvements and bug fixes for macOS and Windows and for operation in all DAWs.

Changes in Melodyne v5.2

  • ARA: Improvements in the playback functions, selection, cache management and blob monitoring.
  • Operation: Minor improvements in the scale functions, optimizations and bug fixes in all areas of the user interface.
  • Compatibility: Optimized operation in all DAWs, correct assignment of file name extensions under Windows.

Melodyne 5.2 is available immediately as a free update to all users. New users can purchase the software from the Celemony store and at distributor Plugin Boutique.