Celemony has announced the release of Melodyne 5, making the editing and creative manipulation of recordings and samples better, faster, and more musical.

The new Melodyne 5 offers enhanced technologies for the musical editing of vocals in addition to a chord track with automatic chord recognition, access to the dynamics even of individual notes within chords, and countless further improvements to Melodyne’s unique tools.

The Grammy-Award-winning software Melodyne is used all over the world every day for the correction, perfection, reshaping and transformation of vocal tracks, samples and audio recordings of all kinds. A studio standard, in fact. But even the best things can be improved.

The most important new features of Version 5 relate to Melodyne’s core competence: the correction of poor intonation on vocal tracks. The algorithm now detects – along with a host of other phenomena – the presence and extent of the unpitched (noise-like) components of the vocal sound as well as breaths, which it then processes separately from the pitched components. This leads to better results, less time spent editing, and a more natural sound.

Factor in the improved weighting of pitch deviations and Melodyne 5 now hands you back – virtually in two shakes – a musically perfect vocal performance.
The volume balance between the pitched and unpitched components can be adjusted – syllable by syllable if desired. This not only helps with double-tracking and vocal harmonies but gives you a perfect and precisely targeted de-esser into the bargain.

Totally new possibilities for dynamic contouring are afforded also by the Fade Tool and the Leveling Macro, as they too work on a per-note basis – even with polyphonic audio material.

Melodyne 5 also supports new workflows that further musical creativity. With the Chord Track (and the Pitch Grid configured accordingly), recordings and samples can be adapted at lightning speed to the harmonic structure and chords of your own compositions and songs.

Celemony Melodyne 5 studio

Any library sample now harmonizes instantly with your song. That’s perfect for songwriters but also for remixers. And thanks to the integrated chord recognition, no knowledge of music theory is required.

Changes in Melodyne 5

  • With the Melodic algorithm, separate editing of pitched and unpitched components of the vocal sound (sibilant detection). Better results, less time spent editing, more natural sound.
  • The ability to control the volume ratio between the pitched and unpitched components – a precisely targeted de-esser function .
  • Improved weighting of pitch deviations, musically perfect intonation.
  • A Chord Track and Chord Grid to adapt any recordings and samples to your song – thanks to integrated chord recognition, no knowledge of music theory required.
  • The Fade Tool and Leveling Macro let you edit the dynamics of each note – even in polyphonic material.
  • A new algorithm, “Percussive Pitched”, plus various other algorithm enhancements.
  • Fuller implementation of keyboard shortcuts.

Starting from 99 EUR/USD, Melodyne 5 runs in stand-alone mode as well as with 64-bit DAWs under MacOS and Windows – DAW integration via ARA, VST3, AU or AAX.

The update costs 49 EUR/USD for Melodyne assistant, 99 EUR/USD for Melodyne editor and 149 EUR/USD for Melodyne studio. For Melodyne essential and users who registered Melodyne after March 1st, 2020, it is free of charge. A 30-day trial version can be downloaded.

Melodyne 5 is available now from the Celemony online shop and at distributor Plugin Boutique.