Centipeak ProTrig

Centipeak has released ProTrig, a professional drum trigger plug-in for Windows.

ProTrig is an audio plugin which transforms realtime audio drums into midi notes which can be sent to any virtual instrument like Easy Drummer, Addictive Drums, Sample Tank and others.

Brand new technology has resulted in a lightning fast, ultra accurate audio triggering engine. ProTrig is the most sophisticated and advanced product for replacing/adding/enhancing drums.

No matter if you are playing on a perfectly rigged drumkit or just jamming on your kneecaps – ProTrig will do the trick.

ProTrig features

  • Advanced discrete difference-based algorithm for analyzing audio.
  • Hit resistance, interval and threshold are controllable settings which directly affect the algorithm’s operation.
  • Compatible with all MIDI-controllable virtual instruments.
  • Designed for real-time triggering. Latency as low as 2 ms with extensive dynamics and extraordinary sensitivity.
  • 6 ghost notes with seperate and customizable settings. Can be synchronized with the host-application’s tempo.
  • Powerful 8-band filter. Visually and numerically controllable.
  • Internal signal routing system. Filters are appliable to the output audio or only internally for the triggering engine. Eliminating cluttering sends and manual routing of the audio and the need for other filtering plug-ins.
  • Tunable output dynamics through the linear velocity compressor.

ProTrig is available as a VST effect plug-in for Windows PC for $69 USD (excl. VAT).

Visit Centipeak for more information.