Cescato Musiktechnologie has announced the release of a beta of version 2.6 of Trans Computer Maschine (T-C-M), a free synthesizer plugin for Windows.

Cescato TCM 2.6 beta

T-C-M is a Semi-modular Vintage Lead Synthesizer and Pattern Sequencer, firstly modeled after two legendary synths and a custom analog sequencer from Germany.

Changes in TCM v2.6 beta

  • Added ‘K Trig’ switches (keyboard play sync) to Oscillators 1 and 3.
  • Added ‘Play Order’ display featuring user-friendly symbols for each mode.
  • Added ‘Seq Ctrl’ gate sources to Envelopes, emulating the Synthanorma PWM.
  • Fixed a minimum delay in the S/H that was only noticeable in certain patches.
  • Fixed CPU overload in patches not using the ‘LP Filter’.
  • Fixed MIDI CC6 occasionally ignored.
  • Improved ‘Filter’ featuring true analogue modulation at audio rates.
  • Improved Oscillators anti-aliasing for extreme frequency modulation.
  • Limited S/H frequency to 20Hz for alias-free operation.
  • Optimized Ring Modulator for alias-free operation.
  • Replaced ‘Inv Envelopes’ in Noise modulation sources with ‘AM Envelopes’.

The new version is available as a free download for Windows (VST) in exchange for a Facebook like.

More information: Cescato Musiktechnologie