Resonance Sound has introduced a vintage synthesizer instrument library for Kontakt by CFA-Sound. The first in a “Fusion series” of instruments, DC-ZERO is inspired by an iconic synthesizer of the 80s, known for the charming sound of its DCOs, the distinctive and fat chorus, and an easy-to-use workflow.

Capturing the warm analog sound of this well-known icon, by using Kontakt`s powerful sampler engine, in synergy with its new wavetable engine – DC-ZERO even captures the pulse-width modulation of its paragon. Giving you, more sonic freedom in the sound design process than “just multisamnples”.

Forming a compact instrument with focus on an easy-to-use workflow like known from analog synthesizers. Designed with a similar layout, as you surely know from modular systems – the core synthesizer module is complemented by additional tools like the voice mode for monophonic and polyphonic voicing and predefined chords. Output control module with stereo width, limiter, and fx rack routing.

Finalized with the outstanding Replika delay and the hybrid reverb module. All the effects have been kept in a reduced amount of controls, to keep the workflow focused on the essential core controls and not distract your creativity with too many controls or unnecessary menu-diving. All controls are always in sight, always a smooth and comfortable workflow.

On sale for the limited time intro price of 17.97 EUR instead of 29.95 EUR, the library comes with 175 presets covering a wide range of sounds. It requires the full version of Kontakt v6.6.1.139 or higher.

DC-ZERO is available at the Resonance Sound store and from distributor Plugin Boutique.