Softube has launched a modeled audio plugin of the Chandler Limited Germanium Compressor hardware, musically fine-tuned and meticulously re-created.

A highly versatile mojo machine, capable of replacing multiple plug-ins in a chain – EQ, distortion, transient designer, you name it – the Germanium Compressor is so much more than gain reduction. Engineered with an ear for music before mathematics, this is a trusty companion for producers, recording engineers, and creative musicians of all kinds.

This is a meticulous model of the Chandler Limited® hardware, tested in Softube’s lab to ensure it performs like the hardware does, for the same excellent sound quality and inspiring vibe.

Everything in the Germanium Compressor is designed with an ear for music first. Ratios, knee settings, and more are all fine-tuned for use in the real world. The FET gain reduction unit allows for delicious distortion and colour. Control the harmonics with a choice of clean or dirty compression and multiple different diode combinations allow for a ton of styles and options.

Softube Chandler Limited Geranium Compressor GUI

Germanium Compressor features

  • A meticulous model of the Chandler Limited Germanium Compressor that performs just like the hardware.
  • Far from just a compressor, it’s a mojo, colour and character machine that almost feels like a musical instrument.
  • Capable of replacing many other plug-ins used in a chain, like distortion, EQ/filter, compression, and transient designer.
  • Perfect for tone shaping, sound tweaking and sound designing when tracking, producing, mixing and, in some cases, even mastering.
  • Clean Comp / Dirty Comp settings with the ability to control the Total Harmonic Distortion (THD).
  • Comp Curve with its unique combination of diodes.
  • Attack and Release work in a musical and inspiring way, making an average drum kit go from dull and flat sounding to tight and crisp or to fat with long decay.
  • Gain / Germanium Drive and Feedback give you the ability to feedback signal to the input and control the gain the distortion and tone-shaping capabilities.
  • Unique tones not found in any other compressor – not only in plug-in format, but in general.
  • Software-exclusive features: External Sidechain / External sidechain Gain / Mid/Side Processing / In/Out: Left/Mid | Right/Side / Output Gain.
  • Console 1-ready: can be used within the Console 1 mixing ecosystem.

The Chandler Limited Germanium Compressor plugin is available from Softube and distributor Plugin Boutique at a 20% introductory discount, priced 199 EUR/USD until April 3rd, 2020 (regular 249 EUR/USD).

The plugin comes in VST/VST3, AU and AAX formats for Windows and Mac.