Channel Robot has announced the release of Kick Factory 2, a sample based instrument that uses three layers to combine any of the included 738 meticulously sampled kick drums.

Channel Robot Kick Factory 2

The instrument comes with a wide range of analog drum kits, iconic drum machines and some obscure drum machines.

At some point in every producers career they want at least one, if not more, unique selling points and (as world famous producer Trevor Horne says) one of the best ways to stand-out from the crowd is to use original sounds, and there’s no more visible and important place for that than in your drum tracks.

The factory series, Kick Factory 2 in this case, is set up to easily, quickly and efficiently get you one-off drum sounds that fit well with your track and stand out (just enough) as not sounding like anyone else.

Kick Factory is available in VST and AU plugin formats for the intro price of $25 USD (regular $35 USD).

More information: Channel Robot