Channel Robot has announced the immediate availability of version 1.1 of its comprehensive Folio Bass bass rompler, and the addition of this Kontakt instrument library to the Everything-4-Ever subscription service.

Channel Robot Folio Bass

Folio Bass is a dual voice ROMpler aimed squarely at Bass sounds. 300 instruments are included in Folio Bass.

The Folio Bass instrument is equipped with many “classic” synthesis controls, like envelopes and filters, and these add to the capabilities for sculpting and shaping modern innovative and original sounds quickly and efficiently. Add to these the 4 send effects and voice effect slots you can configure with a wide range of different effects.

Folio Bass is rounded out with our unique quad gates and sequencing arpeggiator allowing you to uncover new and interesting polymorphic effects.

Changes in Folio Bass v1.1

  • New Snapshots.
  • New Arp presets.
  • A new parameter track in the arpeggiator – “trigger likelihood”, making every sequence into an ever-changing melodic output.

Folio Bass for Kontakt v5.8.1 or higher costs £75 GBP.

Channel Robot has also included Folio Bass in the set of downloadable Everything-4-Ever products.

Everything-4-Ever is a simple proposition. Subscribers have access to all existing Channel Robot products and all future products. Everything-4-Ever offers an unlimited download service, connected subscribers can download products as often as they wish, and they get to keep and use these products forever.

Everything-4-Ever products do not require continued susbscription or connectivity to work and subscribers can cancel their subscription at any time. Products have their authorisation codes pre-baked for each subscriber saving time getting up and running with each product.

Everything-4-Ever subscribers currently have access to 21 Kontakt instruments with additional instruments scheduled at one per month for the next 10 months.

Current pricing for Everything-4-Ever is £8.95 GBP per month.

More information: Channel Robot