Cherry Audio has announced the release of version 1.1 of the Voltage Modular and Voltage Module Designer, which now includes polyphonic outputs on the I/O panel, along with 11 new Polyphonic modules added as part of the Voltage Core package.

New Poly modules include Poly Oscillator, Poly Filter, Poly Envelope Generator, Poly Amplifier, Poly Glide, Poly 6-Input Mixer, Poly To Mono CV, Poly Multiple, Mono CV To Poly, Poly CV Merge, and Mono CV Mult. Poly Jacks and Poly Cables carry multiple signals on a single cable, making it incredibly easy to wire up polyphonic patches.

In addition, module developers using the Voltage Module Designer can easily create their own polyphonic modules, using the new Poly Input and Poly Output jacks.

Two additional new modules have been released as well.

Available for purchase for $10 USD in the Module Store, the MPE Interface allows you to use a controller that supports MIDI Polyphonic Expression, such as the ROLI Seaboard, to control polyphonic modules, for incredibly expressive results.

The Poly Unison module (included for FREE with Voltage Core) allows you to play polyphonic modules in Unison mode, with all voices playing the same note. The Detune detunes each voice a different amount, so that the average tuning of all voices will remain at the original frequency.

Voltage Modular Core Package (85 modules, regularly $150) plus the Misfit Audio Electro Drums Package (15 modules, regularly $50) includes a total of 100 modules.

The “Voltage Modular Core + Misfit Audio Electro Drums” bundle is available for the special holiday price of just $99 USD through December 31st, 2018. This combo package includes over 300 professionally programmed sound presets.

A completely free Personal License for Voltage Module Designer 1.1. is also available. It allows developers to create their own modules and publish them for personal use in Voltage Modular. Programmers can now create their own personal suite of modules, entirely free! If you decide you’d like to sell your modules, a Personal License can be upgraded to a Commercial License at any time.

More information: Cherry Audio