Cherry Audio has announced availability of the PSP eFeMerizer, a new synth engine for Voltage Modular featuring a modular frequency modulator consisting of four operators.

The PSP eFeMerizer Frequency Modulation Engine an outstanding frequency modulator for Voltage Modular consisting of four operators. Each operator is independently configurable, resulting in unprecedented sound design flexibility.

PSP eFeMerizer is on sale for $29 USD until June 4th, 2019 (regular $39 USD).

The synth engine is also included in the PSP Poly Modular Collection (on sale for $49 USD) and PSP Ultimate Modular Collection (on sale for $99 USD).

Also available are the new TB Oscillator ($10 USD) and TB Filter ($10 USD) modules, highly-accurate recreations of the oscillator and filter section of the world’s most iconic acid techno bass synth.

The TB Oscillator’s Wave Mix control adds new tone colors, and the TB Filter’s saturation knob creates subtle to nasty overdrive. Both modules are available together in the TB Vintage Bundle for $15 USD.

If you’ve tried the VCF-20 Filter module, you know how great that raunchy, aggressive vintage filter tone can be. The new VCO-20 Dual Oscillator module ($15 USD) uncannily reproduces the unique lo-fi oscillator waveforms and unusual ring modulator effect of one of the most famous Japanese synthesizers of the ’70s.

Both modules are available in the new MS Vintage Bundle for $25 USD.

Owners of the Voltage Core package will find two new modules – for free – in their collection.

The Poly MIDI Input module lets you control polyphonic modules from any available MIDI Input device. You can also feed a MIDI signal to the module, and use it as a MIDI-to-Poly-CV module. The MIDI Channel Filter module takes a MIDI input and filters out all but selected MIDI Channels. When used with MIDI Input and Poly MIDI Input modules, use multiple controllers to transmit on different MIDI Channels.

More information: Cherry Audio