Cherry Audio has introduced its new software synthesizer instrument GX-80, a plugin that combines the sound and features of the GX-1 “Dream Machine” and the classic CS-80 analog synthesizer from Yamaha.

GX-80 is not just another CS-80 emulation. GX-80 adeptly reintegrates the GX-1’s distinctive features back into the CS-80 architecture, such as dual synth layers for twice the impact and additional waveforms with variable resonators. The GX-1’s octave-up triangle wave and invert filter envelope control have been reincorporated. Most notably, GX-80 includes an expert reproduction of the legendary GX-1 filter that delivers exquisite timbres that even the mighty CS-80 cannot produce.

For ultimate flexibility and expressive performance, GX-80 provides a split keyboard mode and a brilliant option to simulate polyphonic aftertouch with a monophonic aftertouch controller. With its innovative dual-layer interface, stunning sound presets, and integrated studio-quality effects, GX-80 is more than a best-of-both-worlds interpretation of the past and far more than a replicant. Cherry Audio’s GX-80 is an unprecedented gateway to the sounds and music of an unrealized future.

Cherry Audio GX 80

GX-80 features

  • A best-in-class virtual instrument based on two monumental analog classics: the GX-1 and CS-80.
  • Reintegrates the extended features of the GX-1 with all of the functionality of its descendant, the CS-80, for an absolutely immense sound experience; essentially, two CS-80s and more.
  • Massive dual-layer voicing architecture with 16 polyphonic voices per layer: two different patches simultaneously playable, in either a keyboard split or stacked layer mode, with discrete controls for layer volume and panning.
  • All GX-1 and CS-80 voicing parameters reproduced, including the GX-1’s unique oscillator-level filtered waveforms, octave-up triangle wave, and invert filter envelope control.
  • Precision recreation of both the legendary CS-80 and unmatched GX-1 filters.
  • Four polyphonic voice ranks, each with a voltage-controller oscillator, resonant highpass and lowpass filters, noise generator, sine wave, dual envelope generators, and a velocity-sensitive VCA.
  • Sub oscillator LFO for each layer with sine, sawtooth, ramp, square, sample and hold, and noise intended for modulation, with tempo sync.
  • Recreation of the memorable CS ring modulator that modulates the summed output of each pair of ranks with its own independent oscillator.

Available for Windows and Mac (VST/VST3, AU and AAX), GX-80 is on sale for the intro price of $59 USD at Plugin Boutique, ADSR Sounds and at the Cherry Audio store (regular $79 USD) until December 3rd, 2022.