Loopmasters has introduced Sample Diggers’ new sample pack Chill Hop – Cool Breeze, bringing positive vibes and eternal relaxation with timeless samples freshly dug from Hip Hop history, embracing the heritage of the past while always looking forward.

If you want to specialise in Classic Hip Hop, Lo-Fi Hip Hop or Chill Trap, the sonic psychedelia and easy going breaks of Chill Hop, Cool Breeze will open a production wormhole to an alternate sonic reality where summer never ends. Lo-slung drums slide easily into wistful keys, complimented by irresistible bass weight, timeless guitar sounds and whirling organs.

Using a diverse range of classic and contemporary textures, it’s easy to conjure atmospheres that prove to be blissful or wistful. Curated by genre experts at Sample Diggers and recorded in high quality 44,1KHz to capture each and every detail and rolling at laid-back BPMs between 70BPM and 80BPM.

Priced £24.95 GBP, the pack contains over 520MB of drums, guitar, synth, electric piano, bass, pads, keys, and more. Parts are also sold separately from £9.95 GBP.

More information: Sample Diggers