Chipfunk has announced the release of Chunky Heaven, a sample pack featuring the sounds of the Trident analog synthesizer by Korg.

Chipfunk Chunky Heaven Trident Pack

I sampled the Korg Trident as it is, without any additional effects or compression. Sometimes you can hear a hiss, especially when I used the inbuild flanger. I didnt remove this noise because some people like the analog original as it is. If you think the noise is too much you can use noise reduction tools such as “denoise” from wave on the source files. Same goes for compression etc.

Chunky Heaven features

  • 31 patches in total.
  • 10 Synth patches.
  • 9 Bass patches.
  • 6 Brass patches.
  • 6 String patches.
  • 1 patch includes 61 samples (24bit) each (every single note) packed in a Simpler Instrument for Ableton.
  • 1.8 GB content in total.

The sample pack is available for purchase for $10 USD ex. VAT.

More information: Chipfunk / Chunky Heaven