CHOMPI Club has announced a Kickstarter campaign for funding its quirky magical tape music instrument made for self-expression through sound design built on Daisy, Electrosmith’s powerful DSP platform.

The CHOMPI Sampler goes live with exclusive early bird specials, pre-order pricing, and limited-edition bundle packs, plus other options.

CHOMPI… a quirky, Tape Music instrument inviting you into the magical world of sound design. With its one of a kind sampling engine, unique multi-effects and tape style looper, CHOMPI is ready for immediate FUN.

We’re using our creative skillsets and experiences as teachers, musicians, community partners, graphic and sound designers to craft something special. So whether you’ve been playing music for years, or are just starting your sonic journey, this device will quickly become your new favorite buddy.

The CHOMPI Sampler is available at an early bird price of $499 USD, with an estimated delivery in November 2023.

More information: CHOMPI