Audio Imperia has announced the release of a new Kontakt Player-powered instrument library in collaboration with Performance Samples.

A cinematic choir of 24 women and 24 men, Chorus can deliver the full spectrum of emotions and depth that choir vocals are capable of. The library features a comprehensive set of traditional articulations and three types of syllables: Traditional, Energetic, and Slow.

Whisper quiet and soft, but also mighty, epic, and thundering. This unique property makes Chorus an invaluable tool for any composer looking to add what naturally resonates with all of us: the human voice.

With Chorus you get the know-how and experience from not just one but two orchestral developers: Audio Imperia and Performance Samples. Both Jasper Blunk (Owner of Performance Samples) and Audio Imperia brought everything to the table which, for example, you can see in how we approached the syllables: Jasper brought his expertise with energetic syllables and Audio Imperia brought the expertise with slow syllables.

Additionally, we also brought renowned Hollywood mixing and recording engineer Scott Michael Smith on board for Chorus. Scott’s credits include The Revenant, The Handmaids Tale, It Chapter 2, Shazam!, Mank, The Gilded Age, The Adam Project, Call of Duty: Vanguard, and many others. He provided a signature mix mic for Chorus, that really brings the sound of modern film music to the library.

Chorus is available for purchase for the introduction price of $379 USD until April 2nd, 2022 (regular $499 USD).

More information: Audio Imperia