Chris Kerry Poly Step Seq

Chris Kerry has released Poly Step Seq, a polyphonic step sequencer MIDI plug-in for Windows.

Poly Step Seq features

  • Up to 64 steps, full keyboard range.
  • 8 Note chords on each step.
  • Velocity and Gate per note.
  • Strum Chords control.
  • Humanise control.
  • 16 Sequences per Patch.
  • Groove(delay) timings for each Sequence.
  • Playlist Sequencer (50 step + repeat).
  • Interactive transpose.
  • Save/Load Sequence and Groove data.
  • Midi Recording: Step, Position (Live).
  • Midi Learn on controls.

Poly Step Seq is available to purchase as a VST plug-in for Windows for £8 GBP.

More information: Chris Kerry