Christopher Carmichael has announced the release of C-C- -01, a free signal enhancer effect plugin for Windows. The plugin is part of the 2021 KVR Developer Challenge.

C-C- -01 features

  • 7-bank EQ/filter.
  • Peak follow (with RMS, oscillators, and noise also, and also change the oscillators’ sound response curve going into the oscillators peak followers, and change both response curves for both peak followed signals), and change the signal’s attack and decay moderately.
  • Wet/Dry mix.
  • Blend RMS and the peak follower.
  • Blend saturation and the previous EQd, filtered, and peak followed signal.
  • Subtract the EQ and filtering from each previous signal at each EQ band, and/or subtract the entire EQ process from before equalization, and use “Non-EQd Makeup” controls to boost back (and beyond), in parallel, the remaining signals after the EQd signal was subtracted.
  • Oversampling (using the “Effect Off” feature in the plugin will not bypass the oversampling though).
  • Saturation.
  • Dual-band for splitting the stereo signal into mid/side, manipulate per channel.
  • Linked controls.
  • Control (hold)-click and drag to control the knobs and slider movements with greater precision.

C-C- -01 is available to download as a VST3 plugin for Windows (64-bit). It was created with SynthEdit.

Also available for free at Christopher Carmichael’s website are the C-C-RNG random number generator plugin and for Windows, a collection of 11 presets for the Amplitube 5 amp and effects modelling software by IK Multimedia.