Ghosthack has launched its new sample pack Chromosphere Cinematic Textures, a collection of over 440 samples, MIDI files and construction kits for music and media productions.

Chromosphere – Cinematic Textures is far more than just a sample pack, it’s a must-have resource for those wanting to create rich and immersive cinematic moments. Oozing inspiration, every sound in this collection was meticulously crafted to help ensure cooperative play across all categories. Weighing in at a whopping 2.73GB, the Chromosphere Cinematic Textures collection features 160+ loops, 230+ one-shots, drum construction kits, full-mix construction kits and bonus MIDI files. It is a playground for anyone producing for screen. From deep and captivating drones to driving pulses, this pack has all the pieces you need to score memorable scenes.

Also available is Ultimate Hip Hop Melodies, a premium Trap and Hip Hop pack containing 100 melody kits with over 600 instrument, atmosphere and bass stems and MIDI files.

Step right up and find inspiration! Introducing the Ultimate Hip Hop Melodies collection, featuring an unbelievable 100 construction kits. It also includes 160 additional loops and 50 one-shots to round out the pack, giving you everything you need to dig in and start knocking out memorable joints. Featuring acoustic and electric guitars, pianos, bells, keys, flutes, horns, synths, drums and even 30 original vocal samples. The Ultimate Hip Hop Melodies collection is an unrivaled value, weighing in at a truly massive 2.57GB!

Lastly, Commercial Deep House delivers over 720 samples, construction kits, MIDI files and Serum synth presets for your next music production.

Commercial Deep House is a fun and sprawling exploration into the current state of the dominant dance music genre, featuring a massive collection of loops, one-shots, MIDI clips, Serum presets and construction kits that will quickly become your new go-to kit for that creative spark and infectious vibe we all crave. Weighing in at 1.09GB and loaded with deep bass grooves, incredible vocals, solid beats and seemingly endless gobs of inspiration for melodies and memorable moments along the way, Commercial Deep House is sure to be a part of your production arsenal for years to come.

The sample packs are on sale at introduction prices for a limited time, starting from 24.95 EUR.

More information: Ghosthack