Impact Soundworks has announced a limited time sale on its Cinema Sound Foley Library, offering a 30% discount on the premium foley instrument created in collaboration with Cinema Sound.

The library allows you to quickly audition thousands of sounds in seconds, and implement them on the fly by ‘performing’ them on a MIDI keyboard.

Due to current events, we’ve seen many production companies slow or even freeze work on TV, film, and video game projects. If you work in sound design, editing, or postproduction we know this might affect you too.

That’s why we are lowering the price of our Cinema Sound Foley Library virtual instrument to $139 (down from $199) until the production world return to normal.

This powerful tool will help you create Hollywood-level immersive audio by “performing” foley via MIDI from a huge, categorized library of 54,000+ samples. Especially in situations where budget is tight, you’ll save both time and money compared to recording everything yourself.

The Cinema Sound Foley Library runs in the free Kontakt Player. It is on sale for $139 for a limited time only.

More information: Impact Soundworks