Loopmasters has launched Frontline Producer’s latest sample pack, featuring a collection of diverse guitar tones and riffs recorded by veteran guitarist Aaron Hoey, who has worked extensively alongside the likes of influential songwriters such as Lewis Capaldi and Gary Barlow.

Designed to be layered together or used individually, the guitar loops included in Cinematic Six String are ideal for adding genuine drama and emotion to any score or production.

Throughout this versatile pack you’ll find muted power chord rhythms, beautiful swells adaptable to any style, picked melodies with lush reverb and delays as well as some more unusual sounds and rhythms. Recorded delicately through an analogue setup and The Kemper amplifier and processor, the guitars used include a Stratocaster and a Relish Jane known for its patented pickup swapping system and great tone.

Clocking in at just over 1GB of sound and loops between 70 and 140 BPM, the diversity of this collection is not to be underestimated. Whether you’re writing the next universal pop hit for radio or an understated composition for the big (or small) screen, Cinematic Six Strings delivers mood, melody and atmosphere.

Priced £24.95 GBP, the pack contains 17 construction kits, 78 electric guitar loops, 22 guitar chord loops, 8 acoustic guitar loops and 8 guitar pluck loops.

Also available is the Latin Funk Drums, a royalty free set of live drum loops played by Mark Fletcher, who has worked closely with artists from Ronnie Scott and Pete King to pioneering bands such as The Soft Machine and Hatfield and The North.

As you might expect, ‘Latin Funk Drums’ keeps it raw and upfront, with 221 live drum loops and 141 brushed live drum loops, spanning 99BPM to 180BPM. Recorded at 24Bit 44.1KHZ for maximum fidelity and totalling 336 MB in size, this a powerful and dynamic selection ideal for any producer who takes their percussion game seriously.

For more live drums from Mark Fletcher, Blue Suede Grooves brings 325 loops and fills that carry all the swagger of blues music straight from the southern states of the USA.

With over 350 MB of content included, Blue Suede Grooves is a one-stop resource for all your drum sample needs. A plethora of different swung and shuffle styles and tempos are waiting to be discovered, with a solid and rounded approach to production bringing out the best in Mark’s performances.

Latin Funk Drums and Blue Suede Grooves cost £19.95 GBP each.

More information: Frontline Producer