Cinematic Tension Tension Sanre

Cinematic Tension has released Tension Snare, a sample library for Native Instrument Kontakt.

A long march, an epic uphill battle, or a counterattack launched on the enemy. What do these all have in common musically? Most likely, a powerful snare drum!

TENSION SNARE is a very suitable snare library which has been competitively priced and contains a very rich and epic sounding snare which has been mastered to sound more like an ensemble. TENSION SNARE is a great additional to any composers arsenal!

Tension Snare features

  • 5 Velocity layers mapped out across the keyboard each with 2 to 4 takes each to fight repetition.
  • Recorded with natural stage ambiance in a theater setting.
  • Additional reverb has been added, which can be turned off via a button on the GUI.
  • 5 Kontakt isntruments.

Tension Snare for Kontakt 4.2.3 or above (requires full version) is available to purchase for $15 USD.

Visit Cinematic Tension for more information.