Bluezone Cinematic Trailer Sound Effects

Bluezone Corporation has announced the release of Cinematic Trailer Sound Effects and Synthetic Liquid Textures, two new sample libraries.

‘Cinematic Trailer Sound Effects’ features over 1.07 GB of captivating Cinematic and Trailer sound elements: energetic drones, epic rises, imposing impacts and hits, disturbing soundscapes, whooshes, intense atmospheres, dark synths, sound effects and more.

This sample library in AIFF and WAV format provides 158 complex and inspiring sounds ( 158 WAV + 158 AIFF ) in industry-standard 24-bit wav.

Bluezone Synthetic Liquid Textures

‘Synthetic Liquid Textures’ from Bluezone Corporation contains a wide range of recorded and designed water sound effects for documentary, film editors and video game sound designers. This sample pack provides 154 bubbling, dripping, splashing and rushing synthetic water sound effects, textures and background ambiences.

Like all Bluezone Corporation sound libraries, this sound library is royalty-free and does not require any additional costs or permissions – it’s 100% ready to be used in your commercial productions.

Cinematic Trailer Sound Effects and Synthetic Liquid Textures are available for purchase for 14.95 EUR and 12.95 EUR, respectively.

More information: Bluezone Corporation