Cinematique Instruments has released Glitchy Rhythmer and Warm Pads, two new Gecko instruments for Kontakt.

Gecko Glitchy Rhythmer

Glitchy Rhythmer is the right tool to lend distinction to the rhythmic base of your music. This gecko comes with an assortment of over 20 unique, glitchy and unusual add-on rhythmic and percussion loops.

All of them are tempo-synced. Feeded on the percussion sounds of the “Experimental Box I + II”, the ” Downbeat Box” and some new sounds (upcoming releases), the loops are best suitable to complement all different sorts of rhythms: pop, rock, electronic or the major chasing-cue of your movie. And to keep in mind: you can use six of them at a time!

Gecko Warm Pads

Warm Pads? Imagine, you´re working on the chorus of a pop song and looking for the right pad! This gecko is the right tool for you. Compose the pads exactly you expect them!

No matter if you´re looking for synthetic orchestra strings, a calm and relaxed fundament for a piano track or some melancholic movement – you get it with Warm Pads. A collection of 6 different warm and rich pads offers a wide range of application. Warm Pads provides a brand new feature of Gecko: A solo switch to play each sound slot separately!

The new Gecko instruments are available to purchase for 33 EUR, or as a bundle of all 7 Gecko instruments for 175 EUR. Prices excl. VAT.

More information: Cinematique Instruments / Gecko