Cinematique Instruments has introduced the Grand 3P, a sample library for Kontakt based on the famous Steinway A grand piano, a wonderful piano with a powerful and a warm sound.

Cinematique Instruments Grand 3P
Cinematique Instruments’ Steinway A sound library for NI Kontakt.

The Grand 3P is a very versatile instrument with a lot of fantastic opportunities. You´ll find it perfectly suitable for film scores, classical music and contemporary pop as well as virtually any other music style that requires a great sounding piano.

In order to build a versatile and complex instrument there are many editing options. Besides regular tools such as reverb (with 5 different types), delay, speaker simulation and a four-band EQ there are some outstanding features available. This includes the Soft Vel, the Tone, the Bottom and the key option. The key option gives you the ability to choose between the different mic positions and microphones that were used in the original recording session.

Inside the Grand (Gefell MV691), outside the Grand (pair of Neumann KM149) and in the room (pair of Neumann KM184) – all notes recorded with 9 velocity layer. This will let you decide about the amount of close miking and natural ambiance you want to use in your production.

The Grand 3P comes with 20 different presets divided in the 3 categories ‘Cinematique’, ‘Natural’ and ‘Effect’ which gives you the ability to quickly dial your favourite sounds for your own music.

Grand 3P is available to purchase for 58 EUR.

More information: Cinematique Instruments