Cinematique Instruments has announced the next step of its KLANG series of Kontakt instruments with the launch of a separate department with its own shop with many more unique and inspiring instruments.

Klang Series

For the 10th anniversary of Cinematique Instruments in September 2019 we came up with the idea to establish a new series with free instruments, which is growing every month with a new released instrument. In this series we wanted to create a range of instruments, which reflects our previous work, and our way of thinking about sound and music.

And as we had so much fun creating all these instruments, and discovering new sounds, we came up with the idea to turn Klang into something bigger, more unique and versatile. So we decided to build up a new separate store with much more distinctive and cool instruments, which will inspire you in your creative process of creating music. In addition to that, Klang will be structured in several categories, which will be expanded over the time with new unique instruments.

All these instruments will cover a wide range of approaches, including unpublished instruments, cool stuff, sound experiments, and random products while trying to emerge new sounds.

The website launches with 13 new KLANG instruments:

  • Cassette Kalimba.
  • Swayed Keys.
  • Taped Flute.
  • Vinyl Drums.
  • Broken Piano.
  • 80ies Machine.
  • Gambastard.
  • Raising Strings.
  • Infinite Blur.
  • Air Piano.
  • Reverbception.
  • Tranquil Meadow.
  • Dusted Home.

Each new Klang instrument is available for 5 EUR. The previously released free instruments in the series are also available from the new website.

More information: Klang