Cinematique Instruments has announced version 2.0 of Gecko, a collection of Kontakt sound libraries.

Cinematique Instruments Gecko 2.0

What is new I’m 2.0?

Beside some general performance enhancements, bug-fixing, improvement of all presets and a new GUI, Gecko version 2.0 comes along with some new presets, a delay with selectable delay times and a new outstanding feature called Flying Table.

By enabling the Flying Table switch, the volume fader of each instrument automatically starts to move around the previous set amount. You can adjust the tempo and the range of this self oscillating volume movement by tuning the corresponding knobs “Range” and “Speed”. By disabling the Flying Table© feature the volume of each instrument slot goes back to its original level. Every slot has its own speed and differs from each other.

This function enables Gecko V2 to endless variations. Each pad or texture changes continuously and never sounds the same. Using the Flying Table for short attack keyboard sounds or mallets you are able to add a natural feeling with smooth and subtile variations to the sound. It’s also possible to apply this feature as “big” vibrato or gate. Endless possibilities!

Gecko 2.0 is a free update for existing users.

More information: Cinematique Instruments