Cinematique Instruments has released Banjo, a sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

The banjo we used is a 5 String Banjo with a 33 cm diameter mahogany body. We played and recorded the banjo in a number of ways to get the typical banjo sound – each in several velocity layer and 2 Round Robin variations.

After editing and processing the samples we firstly created a “Banjo Deluxe” patch which provides various styles of the Banjo, shorten notes feature, an octaver, a reverb knob and enhanced scripting. We also added the noises of strumming the banjo to this patch. Secondly we came along with the “Banjo Muted” patch which is a very dry and warm staccato string sound – similar to the “Baritone Ukulele Muted” instrument!

Banjo features

  • Banjo Deluxe (4 different styles, 4 different sample sources in 2 Round Robin variations, several edit buttons, octaver, reverb, additional strumming noises).
  • Muted Banjo (muted and warm version, simple but effective – fits perfect to the Baritone Ukulele Muted).

Banjo for Kontakt (requires Kontakt 3 or higher, full version) is available to purchase for 14 EUR excl. VAT.

More information: Cinematique Instruments