Cinematique Instruments EK470 Mark2

Cinematique Instruments has announced the release of EK470 Mark2, a sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

The EK470 mark2 is a lucky bag. Although its sound source is a low-cost, garbage toy keyboard for just 25 EUR, all the sounds are incredibly warm and charming. You can lose yourself just playing along this analog sounds, being inspired by its character and possibilities. Beside that, the graphical interface is also worth mentioned which make you turn knobs and switch buttons.

The structure of EK470 mark2 is based on 2 simultaneous sound slots, each can be feeded with every of the 24 sounds and has separate volume and pan knob. Beside that, the first slot provides an additional -12 to 12 semitones pitch knob. We selected the best 24 sound patches out of 99 available patches the original
keyboard provides. We recorded every third minor note, looped the sound and processed it if needed.

EK470 Mark2 features

  • One complex Kontakt patch with 24 single sounds available twice (2 sound slots).
  • 18 programmed patches, covering a range of pianos, pads, organs and fx-sounds.
  • Includes various parameters to shape the sound:
    • 3 EQ´s called „RADIO”, „A.FLT” and „HIFI”.
    • Rotary- , cabinet- and distortion-fx.
    • Reverb and delay.
    • 2 different volume envelopes, called „PAD” and „SQR”.
  • „RND” function sets all(!) parameter and sound selections by random.
  • Bonus: Includes previous instrument version “Super Sound EK 470”.

The sample library is available to purchase for 28 EUR. Requires Kontakt 4.22 full version.

More information: Cinematique Instruments