Cinematique Instruments Drum Boxes: Electro Partner / Rude Boy

Cinematique Instruments has released Electro Partner and Rude Boy, two new Drum Boxes sample libraries for Native Instruments Kontakt.

The basic principle of DRUMBOXES is a four fold layer drum set with loads of edit options adjusting the right screws!

The DRUMBOXES are equipped with an interesting selection of sounds: Beach Towel Drums, Rehearsal Drums, Toy Drums, Glitchy Cans, Rhythmus Partner, Noiz & Raw, Electro 20

Drum Boxes features

  • The drum module:
    • 4fold layered drums: it gives you the ability to use it all-day.
    • Separate tuning knobs of bass drum, snare, hihat and percussion.
    • Separate knobs to adjust the length for each of the four bass drums and snares.
    • Separate volume fader for each of the four snares, bass drums, hihat and the percussion.
    • Global EQs (highpass, lowpass).
    • Global reverb fader to set the reverb amount of 4 different choosable rooms (arena, club, bath and plate).
    • Four timbre switches (loudness, presence, rotator, amped).
    • Load/save feature to save and recall the complete drum setting.
    • Randomize: the famous function delivers uncountable variations and endless possibilities.
  • The 16 step sequencer:
    • Synchronized to our host as well as standalone with the essential features.
    • Easy sequencer workflow (1 click set the note, a 2nd to increases the velocity level, 3rd click to remove).
    • 4 of 7 instruments are selectable out from 9 different instruments such as toms, wood, click, cymbals etc.
    • Various signature from 16/16 to 4/16 – necessary to realize signatures such as 6/8 (=12/16).
    • Double or half time mode.
    • 3 shuffle modes, which correspond to the percentage of 25%, 33% an d 52%.

Electro Partner and Rude Boy (Kontakt 4.22 or higher required) are available to purchase for 33 EUR each, or bundled for 49 EUR.

More information: Cinematique Instruments