Cinematique Instruments has announced the release of Mociula, a bundle of synth instruments for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Cinematic Instruments Mociula for Kontakt

Mociula is a bundle of synths instruments trying to work like a modular system. It consists of several different tools or modules such as synths generators, effects, filters, a sequencer, a sampler and some other useful as well as unique tools.

But surely – as a KONTAKT instrument – there are no options to combine tools at your own requirements, connect cables or change tools/ modules within the instruments. Mociula is not a free-patchable system like you find it in the hardware world. All instruments are predefined and fixed in structure.

Right now there 5 instruments which will be described in the following: FRAME – ROW – SCAPER – RISE – TAPE

Mociula features

  • FRAME: The fundament of each system.
    A sine/square oscillator with exciting features: stepless tune, rhythm gate, distortion, layer mode. Frame is also equipped with an effect rack with a 4 pole filter and resonance, delay, reverb and a compressor and finally a bitcrusher – ready to destruct your audio. Enriched by an oscilloscope. Astonishing what this module comes out with. and vintage.
  • ROW: The Sequencer
    A 16 step SEQUENCER combined with a sound generator and SHAPE, a complex effect module – this is what ROW consists of. The sequencer has a range of 4 octaves, 3 accents level and a bordun note feature. Additionally features are a sine/ square, a controllable glide and length and distortion. The effect section provides a reverb, a delay, 2 types of filter and a compressor and nuch more.
  • SCAPER: Make some subtile ambiances and textures
    The perfect module to add some unique and subtle background to your music. The fundament is a sound generator which layers 4 well assorted sounds and ambiences – each of them is separately controllable. The sounds can be shaped by a 3 band spectral filter with many options. Finally your sound can be enhanced by a reverb/ delay section
  • RISE: The endless fall.
    Rise is very special module which is based on the Shepard Tone. It constantly creates the auditory illusion of a tone which ascends or descends in pitch over and over with no end. You can select between two sound sources, change the tempo and add some reverb, delay or filter to it. It is a great experience.
  • TAPE: Let it roll
    This is a tape machine simulator featuring 8 different tapes loops with very different sounds from Lama Chanting over Bike Chains Noises to Water Drops. The module is a reminiscence of Musique concrète – making music out of surrounding sounds. By activating the gate the tapes are starting to get rhythmically. Adjust the length knob and patch in more tapes to change it. Again, it is a great experiences!

Mociula is available for purchase for is 72 EUR (includes all modules). The Frame, Row and Scaper instruments are also available for 28 EUR each.

More information: Cinematique Instruments / Mociula

Cinematic Instruments Mociula Kontakt 2