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Cinematique Instruments releases Spieluhr + Glockenspiel (Small Metal Set Vol1)

Cinematique Instruments Spieluhr + Glockenspiel

Cinematique Instruments has released Spieluhr + Glockenspiel (Small Metal Set Vol1), a new sample library for Kontakt 3.

The Spieluhr (aka musicbox) is a small instrument which produces sounds by the use of a set of pins plucking the tuned teeth of a steel comb. The Glockenspiel is a percussion instrument, composed of a set of tuned metal bars. Thanks to their high pitch, both instruments produce a very assertive and bright sound.

Spieluhr + Glockenspiel features

  • Spieluhr Looped Processed (processed + looped notes, modwheel contols vibrato and damping, additional sustain, delay and reverb knobs, range between F1 and G5)
  • Spieluhr Resonating Guitar KEY (played & recorded on a guitars body as well as on a ukuleles body – key switched)
  • Spieluhr Hard (different spieluhr model, percussive and rough)
  • Spieluhr (known-thin sound, additional arp)
  • Glockenspiel Room (recorded with a distance of 5m)
  • Glockenspiel Rotate (3x RR, processed rotating sound, modwheel contols vibrato and damping, additional sustain, delay and reverb knobs range between C1 and C6)
  • Glockenspiel (3x RR, known sound, modwheel contols damping, additional delay and reverb knobs range between C3 and C6)

Spieluhr + Glockenspiel for Kontakt is available to purchase for 16 EUR excl. VAT.

More information: Cinematique Instruments / Spieluhr + Glockenspiel

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