Cineplus The Duet EP

Cineplus has released The Duet EP, a sample based e-piano instrument reminiscent of the 80’s.

the Duet EP is based on 2 classic patches. One is a DX7 Patch, the other is an RD-1000 Patch (without chorus), which have been edited, sampled and combined up to 16 times, to create a totally new, but classic and original electric piano instrument.

The Duet features

  • 1: The Rack — 8 x DX7 Electric Piano
    Imagine playing 8 FM E-pianos 1 at a time. And applying to each one a different pitch, pan and delay. Now you can. We sampled the DX7 FM e-piano using the same care you would expect from a Grand Piano sampling. 88 individual keys, each in 17 velocity layers, using the finest analog equipment: Custom high end DI, Apogee Converters and an analog Studer Console.
  • 2: M-Possible — 8 x MKS-20 EP-2
    We used the highest sampling standards to capture the essence of the sweetest and most dynamics e-piano in the history. Without Chorus! Why no chorus? because if you play different notes in different times with “baked” chorus, the result is a mess. We recreated a live and editable chorus by layering 8X EP2 layers.

The Duet EP is available for purchase for $29.99 USD. Requires Logic Pro X to take full advantage of the live editable Stacks. For use in other DAWs, The Duet EP comes with a generic EXS format, with a “baked” 16x bonus stack.

More information: Cineplus / The Duet EP