Cinesamples has announced the release of CineOrch v2, an update to the orchestral mockup enhancer for the professional composer.

Cinesamples CineOrch

While in the midst of our CineOrch Version 2 update, we decided to throw in some free additional content for you all. We’ve introduced the Vivaldi tremolos, which includes sul ponticello and regular tremolos, dynamic blending, and high cello and low violin blending. In addition to this new sample set, we’ve updated the original CineOrch library.

Changes in CineOrch v2

  • Rebuilding of ALL the loops for long notes, so there are no longer any dips in the loop points.
  • Removal of stage noises in the samples.
  • Balancing of high frequency problems.
  • Use of alternate methods to remove bad notes.
  • New Vivaldi Tremolos sample set:
    • Switch between sul ponticello and regular tremolos.
    • Use dynamic blending.
    • Have the ability to blend high cellos with low violins (you decide how much of each instrument you want to use).

CineOrch for Kontakt (full version 4+ required) is currently available to purchase for $99 USD (regular $149 USD). The update is free to current CineOrch users.

More information: Cinesamples / CineOrch