Cinesamples has announced a new freebie titled Mike’s Garage, a Kontakt instrument library with a collection of random percussive items from around Mike Barry’s garage.

Cinesamples Mikes Garage

The pack includes some tonal and non-tonal sounds, useful for adding fun unique sounds to your compositions or for sound design.

Every once in a while, we get inspired to make some fun samples just to share with our community. With Mike’s Garage, we literally recorded a bunch of the random items around Cinesamples co-founder Mike Barry’s garage – including Exercise Balls, Drinking Glasses, Cajon, Car Doors, Page Turns, and more!

The instrument includes:

  • Exercise balls.
  • Beatbox.
  • Bodhran.
  • Cajon.
  • Drinking Glasses.
  • Metal Fence.
  • Floor Lamps.
  • Garbage Can.
  • Metal Gate.
  • Knuckle Cracks.
  • Leaves.
  • Metronome.
  • Page Turns.
  • Car Door.
  • Socket Wrench.
  • Adhesive Tape.
  • Ukulele Hits.
  • Xbox Hits.

Mike’s Garage is a free download for Kontakt 5.6.8 or higher, full version.

Additionally, Cinesamples has launched a Perc Grooves Week sale, offering 40% off on Rio Grooves!, Tonal Ticky Tackies, and Deep Percussion Beds 1 and 2.

More information: Cinesamples