Cinesamples has announced availability of its new CineBrass Sonore, a Kontakt instrument library that features trumpet and horn sections with maximum focus on tone and body.

With CineBrass Sonore, rather than focusing on getting those pinched, brazen, and almost artificial sounding FFFF dynamics, Cinesamples prioritized tone and body for a sound that sings full, warm and deep at all levels.

CineBrass Sonore features a next generation legato library that will impress and inspire.

Play beautiful flowing melodies, sharp staccatos, and exciting fast passages with ease with the internal legato engine, or manually fine tune your legato transitions even further for power users.

CineBrass Sonore for Kontakt and the free Kontakt Player is available at an intro price of $169 USD (regular $199 USD).

Cinesamples has also launched a Bundles Week sale, offering 40% off regular on all bundles this week only.

Cinesamples Bundles Week

Have you had your eye on a Cinesamples library, or two, or three? You’re in luck because from now until Sunday, all Bundles are 40% off!

With Bundles like the new CineBrass COMPLETE Bundle (now with CineBrass Sonore), you can completely revamp and upgrade your brass sound with a single purchase. The best part is, bundles come with a built in discount, so combined with the Bundles Week Sale, you’re getting a serious deal!

The offer is valid through February 9th, 2020.

More information: Cinesamples