Cinesamples has announced it has released CineMap, a handy utility that allows you to re-map and alter MIDI data in Native Instruments Kontakt.

CineMap is a multiscript utility for Kontakt that allows you to re-route and alter MIDI data before it reaches your instruments.

Cinesamples CineMap screen

CineMap features

  • Re-mapping range of MIDI keys to another register on the MIDI keyboard.
  • Mapping multiple instruments to the same keyboard range.
  • Mapping CC11 (expression) to follow CC1 (modulation) for more exaggerated dynamics.
  • Mapping any CC to MIDI notes for easy chromatic glissandi.
  • Creating complex multis with multiple layers and instrument ranges – such as CineStrings CORE in the left hand and CineStrings SOLO in the right.
  • Taking advantage of MIDI channels 17-64 in Kontakt.
  • Re-mapping Keyswitches.
  • Many more uses only limited by your imagination.

CineMap is a free download for Kontakt 5.3.1 or higher (full version).

More information: Cinesamples