Rast Sound has released Cinescapes, a sample library for Kontakt & Wav featuring a collection of scape elements, ambiences and rhythmic patterns.

What if you could play, remix, crossmix emotionally & soundwise diverse scape elements by simply playing your keyboard?

Cinescapes offers you a versatile toolbox for creating sound environments for diverse moods, as well as ready to go soundscapes and rhytmic ambience elements. The sound pallette for Cinescapes is mostly sourced from our organic, analog and ambience/field recordings.

Cinescapes features

  • Size 1.6 GB.
  • Total Samples 190.
  • Scapes 27 (mixes).
  • Stems 93 (organised in emo/type Kontakt presets).
  • Scape/Pad/Drone/Noise Instruments 21.
  • Bonus Loops 17, One Shots 53.

Cinescapes is available for purchase for 24 EUR.

More information: Rast Sound / Cinescapes