Cinetools has launched Climax, a sample pack featuring 313 production-ready designed SFX and 600 raw sources & field recordings.

Cinetools Climax

Welcome to the magnificent world of Climax; offers you high quality sources to design the unique sounding whoosh and pass by sound effects! We all know that whooshes are the main part of a sound designer’s ammo – never have enough of them and never find a good one when you need it, this library was designed with this thought!

Cinetools present Climax; featuring +900 cutting-edge cinematic sounds full of whoosh, swoosh, swish, pass-bys, fly-bys and movement sounds to spice up your trailers, cut scenes, games and movies; and give an instant rush of movement and excitement for any projects. From fantasy to adventure, action to sci-fi, horror to thriller, war to mystery; whatever you are doing – has all you need to give everything the right intense sense of motion!

The variety of sounds featured in Climax include everything you need to give your projects such as; epic cinematic whooshes to face-melting fly-bys, science fiction flavored pass-bys to flying reverses – All these sounds are made exclusively to provide cinematic lovers a truly diverse sonic palette for creating high definition cinematic project also be well suited in many other situations where film standard sound is required. You can use these sounds as they are or mix and match them with other elements from this collection to create your own ideas.

The sample pack is available for purchase for £59.95 GBP.

More information: Cinetools / Climax