Loopmasters has introduced Cinetools’ latest sound effects library with a vast and meticulously organized collection of close-combat sounds.

Ready to complement any multi-media project, Knockout features all the core elements needed to build bone-smashing fist fights and adrenaline-pumping realistic combat action.

From flying fists to bloody punches, smacking hits to heavy strikes, massive body falls to roundhouse kicks, quick fighting footwork to movements and simulated arms, legs, and clothing motion, swipes to heavy grabs, struggling body movement, aggressive throws to heavy breathing and voices, combined actions to impressive sweeteners, and all the tools necessary for truly intense and impactful sound design.

Full of fierce, aggressive, top-of-the-line SFX and organically recorded sound design elements, this library will leave nothing behind!

Priced £104.95 GPB, the 3.5GB library includes 3,348 ‘Designed SFX’ and ‘Designer Tools’.

More information: Cinetools