Cinetools has released its latest sample pack Terminus, science-fiction SFX sample library featuring 9.44GB of high quality sounds.

Cinetools Terminus

Imagine that time travel is possible… extraterrestrials coming to earth.. Imagine life on another planet and you can meet your alter ego in another universe.. Could you ever get to another space-time? Be prepared to break the rules! This time we are taken into alternate versions of reality and parallel Earths! Are you ready to destroy the boundaries between reality and imagination?

We’re proud to announce our newest production: “Terminus” an incredibly imaginative and multiverse science-fiction SFX library ever! It has enough fantasy, epic adventures, a bit of action and all the elements of a thoroughly entertaining science-fiction classic.

This extra-ordinary sample library covering a wide range of trailer type sfx and futuristic elements such as; ethereal ambiences to space atmospheres, obscure drones to sentimental soundscapes, weird morphing layers to tension-builder rises, cinematic hits to metallic impacts, interstellar creatures to variety of robots and droids, impressive orchestral sounds to interdimensional musical themes, malfunctioning static noises to planet tones, futuristic computer interfaces to high-tech weapons and special powers, cosmic arps to mesmerizing melodies, console beeps to alarms and scans, electricity and selections to hums and buzzes, UIs to movements and transforming elements, servos to energy beams and shots, reload and rotation noises to engine power ups and downs, complex vehicles to bio-guns and hydraulic shotguns, whooshes and much much more.. All is here and ready to pull you into the infinite and unforgiving realm of deep space!

Terminus features

  • 9.44GB content, 928 files in total.
  • 565 Designed SFX (24-bit/96kHz): 75 Atmospheres, 20 Obscure Drones Rumbles, 20 Planet Tones, 21 Soundscapes, 14 Space Textures, 71 Bots, 46 Creatures, 51 Hits, 51 Melodics, 42 Otherworldly Noises, 40 Risers & Reverses, 52 UIs, 33 Vehicles, 49 Weapons, 55 Whooshes.
  • 363 Designer Tools (24-bit/192kHz): 10 Ambiences, 6 Animals, 16 Atmospheres, 13 Drones, 23 Electrics, 7 Engines, 8 Glitches, 59 Hits, 15 Impacts, 28 Mechanicals, 20 Organics, 24 Passbys, 21 Servos, 36 Textures, 27 UIs, 50 Whooshes.

Terminus is available from Loopmasters for £74.95 GBP.

More information: Cinetools