Cinetools has launched its latest cinematic sound library Unsane, a high anxiety collection of horrific and mind twisting cinematic sound effects created by acclaimed sound designer Utku S.

This lunatic library featuring 1344 sound effects, covering a wide range of components all are blended with suspense and horror themes and then meticulous labelling for you to find the perfect thrilling sound in seconds! If you need to create a tense atmosphere to induce madness, craziness and fear in your project, this library is great for you.

“Unsane” brings you a massive amount of ready-to-use elements such as: disturbing and disorienting cacophonies, abnormal melodies, intense atmospheres and unnerving ambiences, psychosis and cavernous drones, aleatoric orchestral suspense fxs, tension builders, unearthly voices, stirring booms, imposing hits, terrifying shockers, strange sound movements, chaotic impacts, tortured and scraping metal sounds, dark stingers, extremely horrific rises, dynamic whooshes, powerful transitions, unsettling noises and glitches, heavy drops and downers, big sub-falls, distorted-lines, drag’n drop trailer loops and much more..

All the sounds you are looking for to create tense, frightening, horrific moments in this hair-raising library!

Unsane features

  • 12.8GB high quality sounds, 1,344 ready-to-use cinematic SFX.
  • 1,080 Designed SFX (24bit/96kHz, recorded at 192kHz): 75 Atmospheres, 311 Disturbing SFX includes 38 Drastic, 46 Shocking Layers, 166 Stutter & Glitches & Noises and 61 Voices, 51 Drops & Downers & SubFalls, 177 Hits, 27 Melodics, 44 Pulses, 105 Suspense & Tension, 78 Trailer Loops, 212 Transitions have been classified into four categories; 29 Reverse & Suckbacks, 71 Rises & Sweep, 62 Stingers and 50 Whoosh & Whooshbangs.
  • 264 Designer Tools ((24bit/192kHz) sounds, containing various type of materials that allows you to exercise your creativity and will help you to design your own unique sounds from scratch or updated the existing ones with organic recordings.

Unsane is available for £99.95 GBP.

More information: Cinetools