Freaky Loops Cinetools Space Journey

Freaky Loops has launched its new Cinetools: Space Journey sample pack.

This extensive collection gives you all the freedom to imagine and create magic like you have always dreamt of.

From unearthly ambiences to space-age vehicles, fighting bots to transforming layers, big robot movements to robotic innards sounds, granular FXs to user interface sounds like button and switches, menu – browse – select tones, push, click, confirms, calculations and text, holograms, beeps, bleeps, alarms, warning tones, creepy alien voices to dark atmospheres and backgrounds, machines and power cores to energy beams, power-ups to electrostatics, fly-bys to rumbles, grainy breakups to laser guns, robotic impacts and explosions to machine hydraulics and robot weapons, alien liquids to intergalactic transmissions, extraterrestrial creatures & giant insects to space bells, dynamic energy fields to electric arcs, damaging explosions to radar sweeps, flying saucers to electronic squeals – this pack captures them ALL!

Simply drag’n drop them into your project and make it sound epic!

The sample pack is available for purchase for £34.95 GBP.

More information: Freaky Loops / Cinetools: Space Journey