Jérémy Pinat has announced the release of a new micro drum machine app for iPhone.

With a strong focus on fun an playability, casual musicians can master it quickly and it’s especially suited for inspiration and improvisation.

Its very minimal feature set stands in contrast with many apps released nowadays, that always try to do more and more. Cinq’s premise is this: the less you have to learn, the more you can focus on creative work. A well-thought grid sequencer with multi-touch capabilities, a system to save rhythmic sequences, and five great sounds are really enough to spark an infinite amount of musical ideas.

“Performing on it feels like playing a real instrument, yet you don’t need years of practice. It’s instantly rewarding.” says Jérémy Pinat, the author of Cinq.

Cinq features

  • Aggressively designed for simplicity.
  • 5 voices: Kick, Snare, Hat, Ding, Bass.
  • Carefully designed, royalty free samples.
  • 16 snapshots per song, including 4 always visible on screen.
  • Jump from song to song in real time for extended live performances.

Cinq for iPhone is available for purchase from the App Store for $1.99 USD.

More information: Jérémy Pinat