CK_Modules X-Jupitae Flexoid

CK_Modules has released updated versions of X-Jupitae Wideboy and X-Jupitae Flexoid, two virtual synthesizer instruments for Windows.

The GUI has been completely redesigned including the Pattern_Arp and Multi-FX sections.

Also, to introduce the new GUI’s I have a special offer to buy both WideBoy and Flexoid for the price of one (offer expires March 1st)

CK_Modules special offer bundles

  • Special Offer Bundle #1: X-Jupitae ‘Wide-Boy’, X-Jupitae ‘Flexoid’, Pattern Arp+ Poly Step Sequencer, Multi-Fx – Price: £29.95 GBP (over 45% off).
  • Special Offer Bundle #2: X-Jupitae Wide-Boy and X-Jupitae Flexoid for the price of ONE (50% off) – Price: £15.95 GBP. This offer expires March 1st.

X-Jupitae Wideboy and Flexoid are available for Windows PC (VST). Demo versions can be downloaded from the CK_Modules website.

More information: CK_Modules