Audio Plugin Deals has announced a promotion on the Lush VST/AU plugin by Clark Audio, offering a 65% discount on the virtual instrument featuring a collection of sounds suitable for popular genres such as Lo-Fi, Old School Hip Hop, Jazz, Soul, and R&B.

Delivering a classic, organic vibe mixed with a new and inspiring twist, the instrument includes multi-sampled flutes, guitars, bass, trumpets, trombones, saxophones, strings and pads.

With Lush you have access to a batch of instrument sounds that would normally cost you over $2,000 if you bought each instrument individually.

Lush delivers an aesthetic collection of 100 preset sounds. Each note was recorded with multiple velocities and round-robins for both the sustain and release sections of the sound. Delivering you an expressive and natural sound.

Lush is on sale for $14.99 USD until April 1st, 2021. When you purchase the plugin you will get the total amount ($14.99 USD) back in rewards money for use in the APD Shop.

More information: Audio Plugin Deals