Clear Complex announces Transistor

Clear Complex Transistor

Clear Complex has announced Transistor, a slicer/sampler plugin to create fills from drum parts or to recreate loops and apply various effects to modulate the sound.

Clear Complex features

  • 16 step sequencer for modulating effects.
  • 7 effects with a total of 9 controls.
    1. Realtime slicer/sampler
    2. Level
    3. Pan
    4. Distortion
    5. Lowpass filter (seperate control for cutoff and resonance)
    6. Highpass filter (seperate control for cutoff and resonance)
    7. Reversing
  • Each control has 4 patterns with each 4 subpatterns with seperate startpositions and lengths.
  • Each subpattern is triggered by a MIDI-note you choose.
  • Automatable global controls for modulating the pattern.

Transistor for Windows (VST) will be available soon for 89 EUR / $129 USD / £65 GBP.

Visit Clear Complex for more information.

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Beken One
Beken One

dude…….theres are a boatload of free Slicer/cutter/buffer/glitchers out there like DBLUES GLITCH which are free.
where do these dudes get off charging in the hundreds?

what ever man


I wouldn’t spend that amount on a small, unknown
developer’s plugin when you consider that sites come and go without warning. You don’t really get
any security that they will be around long enough to address support issues or have future updates etc.

I checked the sound examples. The plug seems pretty useful and seems to operate a little differently than some of the others floating around IMO. @ BEKEN ONE, what would you consider a fair price for this?

Beken One
Beken One

if you would of asked me that 7 years ago Id say about $45 for that app.
$75 for glitch.
I used to use alot of the free ones until I started wrting my own in Reaktor-5.