Clicksound has launched its new “Session Packs for Ableton Suite/Live Producers” with the release of Progressive House Session Pack 1, a collection of MIDI construction kits for progressive house music production.

Each Session Pack includes multiple, terrifyingly tasty construction toolkits for dance music producers that are completely customisable and aim to help and inspire workflow for producers to create their own, banging individual track(s) and sculpt their individual sound.

Clicksound Progressive House Session Pack 1

The first to launch in the new series is the anthemic, deep and soulful Progressive House Session Pack 1 that contains 4 glorious progressive house construction kits that will totally evoke the Ibiza sunshine and fevered mainroom atmosphere.

All the 4 different kits include pumping drums and tight, snappy percussion comprising of hand-crafted kicks, claps and snares, plus epically sumptuous synths, awesomely ambient effects, beautifully bulging basslines and mesmerizingly dazzling melodies, all polished off with a gloriously glossy finish with sizzling sidechain and routed through an expertly designed pre-configured mastering channel with EQ, compression and limiting so you sound like the pros.

Progressive House Session Pack 1 is available to purchase for £12.99 GBP.

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