CloudBounce has announced the launch of CloudBounce 2.0, an upgraded and enhanced mastering engine that sets new standards in automated mastering.

Using cutting-edge AI and machine learning, CloudBounce 2.0 gives all music creators access to instant, affordable and superior mastering at any stage in their creative flow.

CloudBounce 2.0 is a big step forwards in automated mastering. If you want to fine tune an audio track, or need instant feedback, or want to master individual parts during the production process, improving and changing sounds, you can have high quality masters within minutes. If you need a professional sounding demo to send to a label, or just a track immediately ready for commercial use, CloudBounce 2.0 takes automated mastering to the next level. The new engine interprets the needs and nuances of different genres like never before, to offer an unrivalled and versatile range of hi-res mastering solutions for tailor-made sound.

The AI and machine learning used in CloudBounce 2.0, listens to, and analyses, the characteristics of a track. Through this process, the correct, context-based, automatic digital signal processing elements are then applied. Put simply, CloudBounce 2.0 can listen to each individual track, then decide how to master it to a professional level.

The new engine promises; even higher clarity, without unwanted frequencies or resonances; enhanced dynamics and depth throughout the entire frequency range; controlled lows, balanced mids and classy highs as well as improved transients handling for added punch.

The small, CloudBounce team of passionate musicians, audio researchers and engineers from Finland, confidently believe their new mastering engine to be the best available in this fast-emerging market. CloudBounce CEO, Anssi Uimonen comments, “When re-designing the engine and user experience, we took every single user feedback we’ve gotten since we first launched a year ago and implemented over 90% of them into this version. I couldn’t be more happy and proud of the whole team and I am truly grateful for everyone who has helped make this happen. We are very confident that our service will be the best choice many musicians, sound designers and studios will make this year.”

CloudBounce are recent graduates of Abbey Road Red, Europe’s only music-tech-specific incubation program, which gave them mentorship, advice and access to the legendary studio’s facilities, to help them get to this next level. Abbey Road Studios recognise that the development of affordable, automated mastering is an exciting, new creative tool for music-makers and one to be embraced. Abbey Road Red Innovation Manager, Jon Eades comments, “While some people may see automated mastering as a direct threat to human mastering engineers and add fuel to the are-robots-taking-our-jobs debate, what we are seeing is that both alternatives have unique attributes and that there is a space in the market for both. It’s great to see CloudBounce continuing to develop and go from strength to strength – they are a great team with an infectious energy and enthusiasm for their product.”

It’s not just a superior mastering engine that gives CloudBounce a competitive advantage. Unlike other platforms, CloudBounce provides only hi-res mastered audio, either 24-bit WAV or 320kbps MP3 files. As part of the service, CloudBounce also offers the best public sharing options on the market, removing the need for platforms such as Dropbox or Soundcloud. Pay-As-You-Go and subscription options both include a CloudBounce shareable player page and lifetime Cloud backup; invaluable for artists sharing hi-res demos with fans, labels or clients, or for a sound designer working with multiple audio files.

To underline their belief in the quality of their service, CloudBounce are also offering three free masters to anyone signing up to try out their new and improved mastering engine at The company confidently invite creative music-makers to test out CloudBounce 2.0 and have posted their own comparative analysis.

CloudBounce understand that mastering is the most important step in turning a track into a finished production that sounds professional across the myriad of formats and devices used today. Their new mastering engine has turned high quality, affordable mastering into a valuable new asset during music creation, from improving the sound of individual parts, to providing an ongoing reference point for sound quality. CloudBounce 2.0 will be an integral part of the creative flow of audio creators.

The CloudBounce service starts at $4.90 USD per track, rising to an unlimited monthly subscription of $29.90 USD (or annual plan at $199.99 USD), for two hi-res files per master (1 x uncompressed WAV / 1 x 320kbps MP3) and lifetime Cloud backup.

More information: CloudBounce