CloudBounce has announced a new cloud-based audio mastering platform that delivers high-class mastering within seconds for everyone working with audio. Cost has been a factor why most of the music today remains unmastered. CloudBounce will change this and facilitate a tectonic shift towards a world where all songs are mastered and sound better.

Mastering is a critical step in producing high-quality audio, and it often has a profound effect on whether audiences like the sound of the recorded music. Traditionally, the compulsory mastering phase has been carried out by specialised mastering engineers. These professionals have accumulated a vast experience in complex mastering workflow and have access to an extensive collection of professional audio tools.

“Automatic processing can never replace the final touch of a professional mastering engineer”, explains Anssi Uimonen,a serial entrepreneur and the CEO of CloudBounce. “However, with CloudBounce’s platform, backed with proprietary analytics algorithms and artificial intelligence, musicians can get very close –without the hassle, waiting, and a considerable investment.” Uimonen believes this is likely to transform the way musicians and alike work. He continues: “Getting a first rate master of your audio track with five dollars and within seconds is going to change how musicians, record labels, and audio designers produce audio. Instead of sending your readily mixed track to the mastering studio and waiting for a possibly long turnaround, you can obtain and listen to a high-class mastered version at multiple points of your production cycle to fine-tune your sound.”

Teemu Karjalainen, the CTO and the father of the core algorithms, says: “All of us at CloudBounce are passionate musicians, audio researchers or engineers. We’ve experienced the pain of not getting a professionally mastered version of your recording ourselves. And not being happy with the stuff that’s out there, wewanted to create our own mastering platform that takes advantage of the latest signal processing technologies and artificial intelligence, producing pretty sweet mastering quality. Something that musicians can benefit from, instantly –without the need for training and expensive tools.

CloudBounce has already gathered appraise from notable Finnish professionals in the music industry. The quality of the mastered tracks has been a positive surprise to the Finnish game music composer and producer Petri Alanko from Remedy Entertainment Ltd. (e.g. Alan Wake OST): “I’ve heard almost every notable man-made and automated mastering service there is. Yet, after testing CloudBounce, my jaw dropped; pretty damn good job, guys. Open, defined, easily translatable to all listening environments from phones to tablets and beyond. Gaming companies and fellow musicians, take note!”

The service works in three simple steps: First, you upload your audio through a very simple user interface. The platform’s artificial intelligence engine then analyses the characteristics of your music and decides what kind of processing chain and parameters are needed. Finally, after a few seconds, you get a chance to listen to the mastered version and decide whether you want to download and pay for it. You can also share your mastered audio with your clients, collaborators and friends via our shareable player app.

More information: CloudBounce